Two Recycling Choices for Bottles and Cans

recycle can
Recycling Cans
  recycle bag
Recycling Bags

Recycling Bags
Obtain a light blue recycling bag or bags on the plastic holder at the back of the admission office. Place your recyclin—plastic bottles and aluminum cans. These bags should be put on the ground at any of our garbage cans. Please do not put them in the garbage cans. They will be picked up by the Dutch Springs staff periodically during the day.

Recycling Cans
The CocaCola sponsored recycling containers are new this year and are placed at locations around the property. You may place the plastic bottles and aluminum cans in these containers. More of the recycling containers will be added as we get them from Coc-Cola.

Please note
We ask that you do not bring glass containers into the park, but glass can be placed in the recycling bags. If there is any garbage of any kind in the recycling bags or containers, the containers are contaminated and can not be recycled. Therefore, please do not use the recycling for ordinary garbage.

Thank you for recycling at Dutch Springs!



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