Frequently Asked Questions

  What thickness wetsuit do you recommend?
We recommend a minimum of a 7mm wetsuit with a hood and gloves. The surface temperature in the summer is in the mid to upper 70's (°F), however there are thermoclines throughout the lake. There is about a 10ºF drop every 30 feet. The bottom stays in the mid to upper 40's year round.

Can I bring my pet with me to Dutch Springs?
Dutch Springs does not allow dogs or other pets inside the gate of our property. Working animals, with proof of identity, are always welcome. If you choose to bring your pet, it must stay in our outer parking lot-outside of our gate at all times.

Do you rent SCUBA equipment?
Dutch Springs rents 80 cubic foot regular air and 32% nitrox tanks, weights, weight belts and dive locators for people with solo diving certifications. All other equipment should be rented at your local dive shop. If you would like to rent anything from Dutch Springs, please call to make a reservation at 610-759-2270. Click here for air-fill ticket and equipment rental information.

Can I Scuba dive without a buddy?
To dive at Dutch Springs you must have a buddy or a current solo diving certification card. If you have a current solo diving certification card, you would need to show your card, fill out additional paperwork and rent a dive locator. Click here for dive locator rental information.

Do you allow camping on any nights other than Friday and Saturday?
Camping on nights other than Fridays or Saturdays is available only with pre-arrangements made with us by scuba instructors. The instructor must remain on the property for the night and take responsibility for the people camping with them.

Can I bring my RV camping at Dutch Springs?
RV's are allowed at Dutch Springs. RV parking is located in our upper parking lots. Dutch Springs does not have any hookups like water, electric or sewer at this time. Two bathhouses with heated showers, toilets and changing areas are open 24 hours a day. Click here for RV'ing and camping information.

Do you allow SCUBA diving during rain and thunderstorms?
Diving is allowed during rain. If conditions are favorable for thunderstorms, our staff will monitor the radar, watch weather conditions and notify divers if they should not be entering the water.

Can I learn to SCUBA dive through Dutch Springs?
No, Dutch Springs does not hold any certification classes. You should look in your phone book for dive shops in your area.

Does DutchSprings recycle?
Yes, for information about our recycling program, please click the banner below.



Everyone entering Dutch Springs must fill out a waiver.

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