Aqua Park at Dutch Springs


Featured attractions

The Wibit

More fun and more air! Try navigating across the Wibit water course to see if you have what it takes. Now double the size and double the fun!

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The Summit

The Summit is a kid favorite with it's easy to reach peak and fun slide into the water no one will be disappointed with The Summit.

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The Water Totter

Is your balance up to snuff? Find out with this crazy take on the teeter totter to stay dry as long as you can!

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The Icebergs

Climb high and Conquer the 15 foot peak! Or for kids conquer the Mini iceberg!

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Saturn is a giant sphere with big rings around it. Well, this one is too and more fun to play on!

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The Aqua Mat

Let your kids play on these over-sized mats that are great for floating on and having a good time.

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The Aqua Jump

How high can you go? Looking for in the air fun? Don't miss the Dutch Spring Aqua Jump. Visit the Aqua Park today and give it a try.

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Explore the underwater wonders from the surface. Take a snorkeling tour with professional scuba staff!

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Intro to Scuba

Experience the underwater by scuba diving in our confined water area with our professional scuba staff!

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Discover Scuba

Want to be a little bolder? Experience Scuba diving and explore our lake with our professional scuba staff!

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